Marketing Partnership with the Alzheimer's Association

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Marketing Partnership with the Alzheimer's Association

Postby Chexhero on Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:56 pm

About a week ago the Alzheimer’s Association of America reached out to some of the executive board and myself(the marketing director) to partner up on their event The Longest Day on June 21st. Richard Beckwith and I spoke to some representatives of the Alzheimer’s Association to discuss possible partnership ideas. We thought that this would be a great partnership due to the intellectual prowess it takes to master checkers. Imagine if all the years you have spent studying and practicing were ripped away by a disease that weakens your cognitive function and memory. The Longest Day is an event in which people raise awareness and funds to support research and treatment for people with Alzheimer’s. On The Longest Day people around the country representing corporations, groups, and individuals participate in an activity for 16 hours (dawn to dusk). The activity can vary group to group but all activities are used to bring awareness and fundraise for the Alzheimer’s Association. The best way for us to partner up would be as individual participants hosting similar activities, in groups or on our own, which not only bring awareness to Alzheimer’s but to our organization. Each participant would have to pay a $35 entry fee to the Alzheimer’s Association. In return they would be provided with fundraising materials such as a link to a personalized donation site. Participants would seek donations leading up to and at their event. We would like to host events that involve checkers so that we can get the ACF name out there while we raise money for this good cause. Each person who decides to participate will receive ACF brochures from Joe Moore that can be handed out at your event. Some ideas for events would be tournaments in which the proceeds are donated in place of prize money, checker exhibitions at local establishments, checker coaching sessions at local establishments, or anything you could think of that would bring awareness to Alzheimer’s and the ACF. The Alzheimer’s Association said that they would reach out to corporations such as Cracker Barrel to see if they would be willing to host such events. We could also host events in places such as retirement communities, VFWs, rotary clubs, etc. which would be likely to reach the demographic most effected by Alzheimer’s disease. I personally would like to host an event in my area at a local Cracker Barrel. My idea is to set up a stand in the waiting area to play people as they wait to be seated or after they have finished their meals. I could play full games or set up problems to challenge people and then coach them through the solution. This would show people the critical thinking involved in checkers. I could then discuss how Alzheimer’s would keep me from doing what I love. All the while I will be getting the ACF name out there by handing out brochures, business cards, and sharing my passion for the ACF. I don’t want people to feel overwhelmed by this proposal. We realize that our members are spread around the country. This may mean that your activity is an individual activity such as the one I am hoping to do. However you may partner up with people in your area to host bigger events. Given that this is new to us, any contribution would be appreciated no matter how great or small. Even if you are not able to physically participate in an event, you could sponsor someone. We would love to know if anyone would be interested in pursuing this partnership which seems like a great opportunity to market the ACF and hopefully increase membership. We would also like to hear what ideas you guys have for events to host on The Longest Day.

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Re: Marketing Partnership with the Alzheimer's Association

Postby rich beckwith on Sun Jun 15, 2014 12:50 pm

I (and Kathy Wirthwein) will set up an ACF display table on Saturday June 21 at the Bob Evans restaurant in Twinsburg, Ohio (near I-480 and Route 82, 8900 Harden Road). With a flyer I have, 15% of your food order will be donated by Bob Evans to Alzheimer's Association via ACF as part of the Longest Day. Alternatively, Direct donations are also needed and welcome, and can be made to the ACF Team's page.
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