Project - "Draughts is People Game!"

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Project - "Draughts is People Game!"

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:36 am

The project "DRAUGHTS IS A PEOPLE'S GAME!" dedicated to the International Day of the Child under the aegis of the Belorussian Draughts Federation.

You can learn more about a whole project here

Most recent news:

in the evening October 18 there will be a direct translation from America "Shashki, checkers and ...!" with participation of Alex Moiseyev.

Translation begins at 11:00 PM Moscow time, 10:00 Minsk (Belarus) time, 15:00 New York time.

You will hear from Alex answers on some questions like

1) How and why you decided to immigrate to USA ?
2) What really helped you to get a world champion title ?
3) What America is breathing in the morning ?
4) Does our society needs shashki / checkers ?

Alex Moiseyev, many time checkers World Champion, winner of 1st Intellectual Olympic Games (by checkers), USA champion by 10x10 (1996), USSR Sport Master by Russian Draughts and 10x10 Draughts, FMJD International Grandmaster by Problemism etc ... first time will meet with audience and answer on your questions in real time.

Link for connection http://1322417.livebroadcast.talkfusion ... cgmpiIFINV

After download finish, you can enter as guest: in the blue field you have to enter your name or nick by using English alphabet and press ENTER. Before translation starts, make sure your have audio microphone and good speed Internet connection.

If and when everything done correctly, you'll be able to get directly into Alex's room (cabinet) in his house in Dublin, OH ! You can see and hear him and you can type your questions in chat room and Alex will read them and answer.

You can learn more about other project events here ... ij-proekta


BTW. Be aware that mainly it will be a Russian-speaking audience (including kids) and number of questions/answers on English will be a bit limited (but not prohibited). Probably you can ask your question on English and I will answer on both - English and Russian.


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Re: Project - "Draughts is People Game!"

Postby Palomino on Wed Oct 16, 2013 12:41 pm

If my scheuled allows I will log in Friday afternoon @ 3:00pm (EDST).

Thanks for the heads-up Alex. This should be interesting.
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