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Postby Alan Millhone on Fri Nov 24, 2006 2:01 pm

Hello everyone:

I trust all of you survived the Thanksgiving Day dinners :-)

I have in my hand the October issue of SCOTTISH MEMORIES. It has two pages devoted to Mr. James Wyllie of Scotland and his exploits around the globe. Mr. Christopher Reekie penned this article and an earlier one in June, both expertly done. A couple of years ago I was lucky to get a nice lot of old letters from James Seaton to John Drummond. In that group was a letter I want to share . Someone can also calculate the value listed in that letter in today's money.

Edinburgh 29. 59


The match is concluded between Martins & Wyllie. If you will oblige me by transmitting me the money paid upon the match 22 Pounds and 10 Shillings by tomorrow as we intend going home on Saturday, by sending an answer by Return of Post as to where you wile send the money.

You wile oblige

Yours Respectfully

H. Blackwell

James Wyllie

Not only is the letter historical of a famous match but I find it neat to have The Herd Laddie's actual signature on a document . That would have been a different time for Draughts as little published play existed and players had to 'hammer' out their own lines of play, and no computer programs either !

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