What the ACF must do, in order to grow

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What the ACF must do, in order to grow

Postby jimloy on Fri Sep 29, 2006 3:51 pm

Different people have different visions of what the ACF (or other checkers organizations) must do to grow. We must have corporate sponsorship. We must have more books. We need a strong ACF WWW site with a checkers server. We need different (or the same) prize distributions, or different (or the same) number of games per round, or clocks or no clocks at our tournaments. Or whatever. And everyone is right, we need lots of changes and we are even doing some things right. And, we can never please everybody. I pursue my own vision, as I think we must have an interesting and educational ACF Bulletin with lots of Master games. And I am s-l-o-w-l-y writing some books. I think we are headed in a right direction, even as we each seek different (or even conflicting) goals.

Let me give an example of what I mean by conflicting goals. In tournaments, some people want a prize distribution that is top heavy. Others want to spread the prizes all the way down to last place. Or something in between. I think they are each right. Each will attract different players to your tournament. One will attract Masters, who are our heros (really). Another will attract beginners. Each is a worthy experiment. Some prize distributions are not ideal, but probably there is no ideal prize distribution. If there is a variety of tournaments out there, then there will be something for everyone. The tournament organizers and directors (they also should be our heros) pursue their own visions of what touranments should be like; each vision is different; each gets a lot of criticism; and each is right.
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Re: What the ACF must do, in order to grow

Postby rich beckwith on Fri Sep 29, 2006 5:20 pm

This response relates to the long “VA Open” train, but Jim’s comments are on this topic as well.

This forum was set out to be a place to share news and ideas. While we may bring in different philosophies, I think we can all agree on playing checkers for the fun of it (even when prize funds are small) and that continuing to pursue new fundraising avenues can’t hurt either, and could provide a much welcome boost to our game. While friendly national pride is good, I don’t think we need to resort to put-downs and belittling of our veteran members. Instead, why not simply share ideas of what works from around the world? I would be interested to here Liam (or an alternate) expound on his comment about NWDF’s successes.

A few of my thoughts…

The Illinois folks get money from the local tourism bureau in Marion. (After all, they do benefit when checker players come to their area to use their hotel rooms, restaurants, shopping). Alex secured a fine bid for 2005 GAYP in Dublin in this manner.

South Carolina’s higher prize funds are due in part to offering a state “life member” club -- $100 to join, with never having to pay an entry fee again for the state tournament. Of course, you need a dozen or so guys willing to participate, which may be tough for many. Even so, we are still not talking “big money” yet.

ACF has done, and is doing behind-the-scenes activities regarding corporate sponsorship. (Anyone with ideas here is welcome to come on board and volunteer or even run in the upcoming election!). Thirdly, Poker, Scrabble, Dominoes, Bunco, and Rock-paper-scissors (!) have all had big money Las Vegas events, some with TV coverage. There are cable channels for all kinds of topics these days. ACF has had preliminary contact with these kinds of promoters before – although nothing has yet to pan out. But I think there is still potential here if we keep knocking.
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what we have to do for checkers to grow

Postby kim willis on Fri Sep 29, 2006 6:09 pm

I would like to respond to this.I and Dennis Welsh here in missouri were on the local radio promoting the Oma Noma Days here at Bagnell Dam.I plugged the Youth Nationals and the Missouri's tournaments, plus the whole American Checker Federation.I think this is the way to get it out we all have to talk it up, and stop fighting arguing, when we can use that energy to help the ACF.I work continously on getting people interested.I also working on getting businesses to donate money which i have recieved some by surprise.
Each one of us live in different states and if we all work together we could build our checker federation.

Well tomorrows the big day so i must finish getting things ready...pictures will be available after.I am just hoping for a great turnout.

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Re: What the ACF must do, in order to grow

Postby J_D_C_ on Sat Sep 30, 2006 8:47 am

Does the ACF currently have an endowment (for the lack of a better word) or a savings from which it draws interested to be used for operations/tournament prizes? It seems that I remember reading that it did, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway I believe the ACF needs an endowment (or a much larger one) so that it is not as dependent on member dues each year. Also creating or raising an endowment would be a great reason for the money if the ACF begins looking for corporate sponsors, because it would be securing the future of the ACF rather then putting money directly into tournament(s) funds to be used.
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ACF Endowment...................

Postby Alan Millhone on Sat Sep 30, 2006 9:32 am

Hi Jonathon:

I had discussed an endowment for players to give to the ACF a couple of years ago with a conversation I had with Gerry Lopez. The ACF needs a fund to help offset bulletin expenses, perhaps help someday assist with some travel expenses (rooms, food,etc.) for our younger players whose funds for the most part are more limited. Again.......... this new area for the ACF needs a volunteer or a small group of volunteers to help set it up llegally. Money could be left to this trust either while a player is living or left to us in his/her will. At one time I had an attorney out in California who was helping on a legal matter, then he vanished ? It will take some dedication to delve into the creation of a trust fund for this purpose and to see it to fruition. If any of you reading our postings can offer advice,etc. please contact me.

Back to corporate sponsorship........... If the ACF had it , then we could even offer scholarships of some type to our younger players. Offer travel help to qualifiers,etc. For the ACF to grow we all have to 'think outside the box'. The 'status quo' of past decades is not working and we need to look in other directions.

Also I note of late a lot of squabbling on the forum under 'Va. Tourney' . Ratings and who has the best players if fine to a point. With a corporate sponsor International Teams could perhaps meet and play more often:-) Rather than say every five years or so. It will be the USA's turn to host our Barbados brethern in a few years for a return GAYP Team Match. If the ACF could secure sponsorship we could help get the team here and provide rooms,meals, etc. ............... Call me a dreamer if you like, I just know the way the ACF has been going for years is not working well today.

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Re: What the ACF must do, in order to grow

Postby rich beckwith on Sun Oct 01, 2006 9:04 am


You might be thinking of the Oldbury fund, which gives some financial assistance to GAYP Nationals (and GAYP title matches too, I think).
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