A New Beginning and New Tournament

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A New Beginning and New Tournament

Postby kim willis on Wed Aug 30, 2006 7:49 pm

I wanted to share this with you all because it touched my heart.We have a place here in Eldon,Mo,called The Lee House.Most of the residents there are up in years and live there together and most can take care of themselves.And I was approached by a overseer and i was told there was a gentleman there who just loved to play checkers.And he just begged to play everyday with anyone.The overseer she and the others would play him and he would just whip them every game.They would even go on the porch on a nice evening and sit on the screened in porch and the ladies would catch a few kids going by to get them to play him.Which of course to no avail he would win.LOL

Then he seen me in paper and begged them to find me so he could play me a game.So now i am going and sitting there on my free time and we play checkers and here his stories.Which i can't let him win he told everyone there if he won he would be in paper and be world champion lol .So i get a work out cos he's pretty good lol

So in October the Lee House is going to put together with my help a *in house checkers Tourney*,which this is for the residents.And i will be taking this 68 young man with me on Sept 30th to the Oma and Noma Festival checker tourney and watch this man play.
I have never seen a man smile so big over a checker game as this man does.It is just a glow and i am sure takes him back to the old days when he was a young man.

I have to tell you all this is what we ALL should be doing to keep this game going and take some time from our busy schedules and go sit and watch and listen for someone like this man who's family has passed now has a reason to live ,,,even if it is only a checker game.

And this could be a start of a new tournament in the makings.The owner will be advertising to all other Lee Houses and Nursing homes,and have tournaments monthly.

Its New Beginning :)

kim willis
kim willis
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Re: A New Beginning and New Tournament

Postby Palomino on Wed Aug 30, 2006 8:25 pm

That's great Kim, thanks for sharing and I'm sure you are having near as much fun as this gentleman at the home.

Regards, "Pal"
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Re: A New Beginning and New Tournament

Postby tommyc on Sun Sep 03, 2006 9:04 pm

Palimino .............Dont patronise our Kimmy.............dont belittle her human endevour for this on any other gentleman by saying yes kimmy well done

Lets be positive not in word but in heed like KIMMY.
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