Strawberry Festival ??

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happy mothers day 1 minute left

Postby Patrick Parker on Mon May 15, 2006 12:00 am

they posted masters so i will post the next group
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Re: Strawberry Festival ??

Postby Patrick Parker on Mon May 15, 2006 12:12 am

flavious burgess 12 pts
frank davis 17
gene ellison 18
orbra hawkins 12
gayle helterbrand 12
wayne jackson 16
david lane withdrew...dunno if i even met him
martin pepper withdrew....hope to see him at more tournaments
perry mccracken 8 pts....hilarious.....
ted meriweather 18
me 13
larry pollard 17
harvey powell 15
bill shoffner 12
ken shultz 14
arwood smith 18
byron woolum 16

if i ever host a tournament i hope i can do such as good of a job
much appreciation. its a tournament not to miss
especially on friday the parade would be a good event to bring your family to see while you play
food for the players really gives the tournament a nice touch
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Patrick Parker
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Missed the Strawberry Festival

Postby Alan Millhone on Mon May 15, 2006 9:44 pm

Hello everyone:

Mr. Alex called me last week and asked if I was going ? I had a major conflict this past week-end. I am the Board President for our local Habitat For Humanity Chapter and this past week-end we had our yearly auction. This past Saturday night our auction thru donations and auctioned items raised $13,000.00. Our first item was a beautiful patchwork that contained an American Flag,etc. and our guest auctioneer for that item was former POW and Wirt County, W.Va. native Ms. Jessica Lynch. Not only did she auction off the item she also signed it.

I have read all the festival postings and note the " B" group was kinda heavy with entrants ? I have a lack of p.p. knowledge, and don't possess the best crossboard skills, but still would have entered the Masters. Rest assured if you come to our ACF Nationals next month we will use the ACF ratings and have a 'seeding' committee to make sure you are properly placed as an entrant. Mr Burton called my home and left me two messages inviting me to come. I am sorry I couldn't make it :-)

This coming week is the N.C. Tourney and I most likely cannot make it either. A Thursday and Friday makes it difficult for many players still working to miss two business days during the week to attend. I plan on going to the Pa. Open as a 'tune-up' for our National Tournament .

Mr. Ron King called me Sunday morning and indicates he will be coming to Medina,Ohio to enter our Nationals. So if any of you want a chance to play the top two rated players in the World, plan on coming to Medina,Ohio and enter the Masters ! Rest assured there will be plenty of stiff competition in all three groups.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation
District 6 Champion
Hoping to get my copy of SIXTH before ACF Nationals
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