2017 Kildare Open - British and Irish Freestyle Championship

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2017 Kildare Open - British and Irish Freestyle Championship

Postby liam stephens on Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:39 am

1. Shane McCosker 15 points
2. Myles Hannigan 13
3. Frank Moran 12
4. Francis McNally 12
5. Danny Oliphant 11
Sean O'Driscoll, Colin Young, John Cunningham, M. O'Shaughnessy 10
Con Boyle 9
Peter Kierans Joe Maguire, Sean McCauley 8
Pat Logue, Denis Fitzgerald, 7
Sean Phillips 5

Under 9:
1st : Bobby Harmon
2nd : Mark Buggy
3rd : Cathal Purcell
4th : James Harrington
5th : Joe Concannon
6th : Cormac Mc Connon

Under 10:
1st: Alex Leonard
2nd: Conor Buggy
3rd: SEAN Ward
4th: Jake Costello
5th: Aaron Fung
6th: Scott Campbell

Under 12:
1st: Marie Cranny
2nd: SEAN Breen
3rd: William Carr
4th: Eleanor Morris

Under 14:
1st: Cian Gallagher
2nd: James Cranny
3rd: Emils Jakobson
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Re: 2017 Kildare Open - British and Irish Freestyle Champion

Postby George Hay on Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:37 am

Congratulations to Shane McCosker on winning the Kildare Open....It is encouraging to see the YOUTH TOURNAMENT where kids can have fun and develop confidence and skill that will help them throughout life! :)

--George Hay
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