New 10x10 World Champion

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New 10x10 World Champion

Postby George Hay on Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:59 pm

Ok, now I can say it: Roel Boomstra reminds me of Marion Tinsley! Roel Boomstra is the new FMJD World Champion. Boomstra, age 23 defeated Jan Groenendijk, age 18 by a score of 14-6 after 10 games of a scheduled 12 game match! The match was to fill the vacancy left when World Champion Alexander Georgiev resigned his championship. Both contestants are from the Netherlands, and the match was played in various locations in the Netherlands. Boomstra chose draughts (10x10) instead of chess because of "the unprecedented depth of the game."

That compares well to Tinsley's quote," Playing chess is like looking out over a limitless ocean; playing checkers is like looking into a bottomless well." Boomstra studies physics while Tinsley had a PhD in Mathematics. Boomsta and Tinsley are both tall and bespecled, and very much look the part of World Checker Champions!

--George Hay
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