Ukraine Champions: Grebenkin (Men) and Glushko (Women)

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Ukraine Champions: Grebenkin (Men) and Glushko (Women)

Postby Ingo_Zachos on Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:19 am

The Ukraine held its National Chamionships in Chernomorsk on June 19th to June 24 th.

It was held in GAYP and the top three finishers were:

1. Valery Grebenkin
2. IM Olexandr Kolin
3. Oleg Zhemerdei


1. Anastasia Glushko
2. WGM Nadiya Chyzhevska
3. Alona Maksymova

report on the UDF website: ... -06-23-835

Men: ... h-2016.doc

Congratulations to Valery Grebenkin :cheers: :cheers:

Women: ... n-2016.doc

Congratulations to Anastasia Glushko :king: :cheers:

note that the favorites did not win, and that the silver medalist and bronce medalists of the recent Women's World Championships in Rome were defeated by another obviously young talent from the Ukrainian draughts school.

Judging from that result and the WC in Rome and the recent WC's we will see a Ukrainian-Turkmenistan rivalry for the Women`s title for years to come...
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