Barbados draughts rating

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Barbados draughts rating

Postby champion374 on Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:48 pm

Here are the Barbados Ratings. These ratings were compiled using data from the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 nationals. It also includes results from the 2014 team tournament.How ever these ratings are not linked to Tournaments outside of Barbados where Players have played.

Joe moore was asking about Barbados ratings There now final

Dnu ratings Barbados masters
3012 Jack Francis
2826 Richard Grazette
2813 Carson Farley
2802 Ron King
2628 Anthony Agard
2557 Junior Waldrond
2512 Desmond Maughn
2418 Jeffery Clarke
2403 Colin Price
2341Cedric Fields
2276 Micheal Barker
2267 Lindsey Worrell
2216 Darwin Lorde
2195 Micheal Holmes
2146 Julian Burgess
2126 Rawle Williams
2111Trevor Howell
2042 Nathaniel Grovesnor
2036 Colvin Howard
1957 Ozone Goddard
1894 Hallam Hope
1890 Henderson marshall
1873 Witfield Robinson
1792 Gregory Simmons
1771 Winston Lowe
1769 Edson Hinds
1709 Wilfred Fredrick
1707 Kent Layne
1689 Ian Callender
1670 Trevor Sealy
1665 Keith Barrow
1526 Dennis Douglin
Kent ,,Ace,, Layne checker player from Barbados
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