IL tourney results after 4 rounds

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IL tourney results after 4 rounds

Postby vhabgood on Sat Mar 31, 2007 9:22 pm

Hey everyone, it has been a very interesting tournament so far. A good showing and quite a bit of competition. We have 3 more rounds to go in the morning and I stayed late just to give you all an update. All i have is masters division right now, but ill try to get both of them tommorrow after everything is done.

1st Alex Moiseyev 14pts
Victor Habgood 12pts
Clayton Nash 11pts
Larry Keen 10 pts
Gene Lindsey 10pts
Brandon Like 9pts
Gene Ellison 9pts
William Withington 9pts
Fogle 8pts
Grisley 7pts
Don West 7pts
Cohen 7pts
Woolum 6pts
Tucker 6pts
Parker 5pts
Christian 5pts
Millhone 5pts
Polanco 4pts
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