2008 ACF Nationals !!

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2008 ACF Nationals !!

Postby Alan Millhone on Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:13 pm

Hello Everyone:

Begin thinking now about contacting your sponsors, etc. and you have plenty of time to put a bid together for next year's 3-Move Nationals !!
Get busy and get planning and you can perhaps have the Nationals in your area:-)

Remember to consider hotel room rates, will the tourney play room be i nthe same buliding as rooms ? What will the playing room cost ? Airport nearby for those traveling some distance to be able to attend ? Ample parking and cost for that parking ? These are but a few things to consider when submitting a bid for any National Tournament. However if the ACF gets only ONE bid then there is nothing else to consider but award to that one bidder and then be thankful for that one bid.

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