Thai Chess and Thai Checkers Books

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Thai Chess and Thai Checkers Books

Postby Dennis Pawlek on Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:51 am

One set of Thai checkers or Thai chess (consisting of 2 books each set) is 20 Euro, 24 USD, 18 GBP. Shipping fees vary on location and a couple of option so please send your enquiry by email only to Please note the Thai checkers has 1-32 notations but the Thai chess has notation only in Thai. All books are in Thai language so value will be most useful for collectors to add something unique to their libraries. All books are from small local non English speaking publishing houses. Profits be diverted to Thai checkers association or will benefit draughts in another way. Supply is limited at the moment due to recent flooding in some areas of Bangkok which right now starts to recover so supply chain should be alright. Will send pictures and scans plus further info to interested parties by email.
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