Loy's Guide (Correcting Lees' Guide)

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Loy's Guide (Correcting Lees' Guide)

Postby jimloy on Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:40 am

This book is a problem book (my second one) and a compilation of my corrections to Lees' Guide. It is paper back with coil binding, 155 pages, and 329 diagrams. $15 (add $3 for overseas shipping). You can order it from the ACF Online Store. Here are some corrections:

p.124, solution 264, most of this solution was played in the game A. Battersby - H. Freedman, 1898 match g.29.

p.142, the game in Lees' Guide, p.177 note l (small L) should be credited to J. C. Brown - R. Jordan, 1893 match g.9.

p.24, solution 53, Liam Stephens reports that the solution can be found in J. Hanson - V. Davis, 1925 match g.9, and a couple of later games.

More corrections:

Lees' Guide p.128s, credit H. Freedman - W. K. Campbell, 1898 Scottish Ty.

Lees' Guide p.147 v.14, credit R. Yates - J. Wyllie, 1876, Yates Checker Player

My book, p.90, first game, last parentheses, credit Boland's Bridges #204.

p.97, solution 200, this solution is in McCulloch's Anderson p.84 v.5 and 3.

p.101, next to last game, also credit M. Pomeroy - H. Freedman, 1900 2nd match g.8. I'm not sure which credit is earlier.

p.145, solution 319, 3rd move, I starred 16-20 to draw, but 16-19, as in Robertson's Guide (p.307 v.44), may also draw.

p.146, solution 321, 2nd move (19-16), 15-18 drew in Anderson's 2nd ed., but my 19-16 is a stronger move that almost wins.

p.147, 2nd game (middle of the page), first parentheses, 3-7 draw is in the British Draughts Player, p.345 v.10.
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