3-Move WTM by Dr. Richard Beckwith

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3-Move WTM by Dr. Richard Beckwith

Postby Alan Millhone on Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:22 pm

Hello Everyone:

In my today's mail received my copy of the games of the recent WCM between Mr. Alex and Ron " Suki" King . Games came in a nice clear plastic covering and cover page has two nice color photos of players, referee and Dr. Beckwith.

Package consists of 34 pages of all played games, extensive annotations and diagrams of critical junctures during the match. Book is a must for all 3-Move players. Last page gives all games in order played and by which player, opening drawn and all results game by game.

A tremendous effort and amount of work put into this historical document. Dr. Beckwith will post later selling price and postage inside of USA and overseas/Canada. My sincere thanks for the hours he must have spent working up the games .

I was present both weeks for a couple of days play and was fascianted and in awe wathcing these two players at the board. Game # 39 lasted 4 hours and I was sure Mr. Alex had a win on the board, but alas 'Suki' fashioned a draw. Much good ending play to be garnered from the games for all classes of players.

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Re: 3-Move WTM by Dr. Richard Beckwith

Postby rich beckwith on Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:04 pm

In addition to Alan’s description for the 2009 King-Moiseyev match games, there are 24 mid-game/endgame diagrams (some of which apply to both sides of the ballot). Book is 8.5 by 11 inches. I also want to credit Jim Loy as co-annotator. Yes, G. 39 was interesting (Alex's midgame crossboard play corrected a draw line in Solid Checkers), and the four games on Day 1 were all interesting marathon games.

I decided today on a price of $10 (within US, includes $2 domestic shipping); add $3 additional shipping ($13 total) for overseas, or add $1.50 extra for Canada. Checks can be sent to me at 34490 Ridge Road #115 Willoughby, OH 44094. At present, there is no ACF store button for this item, but anyone preferring to pay on-line may use one of the Donation page buttons, and I will know what it is for (or I will confirm by e-mail). We will also add games (UNannotated) to animator page on this site in a month or two.

Other checker books that recently came out (US prices listed below):

$12: Isle of Wight by Jim Loy -- book on recent GAYP World Qualifier (games annotated by Jim Loy; Beckwith travelogue article) -- ACF Store/Transcripts page.

$15: Loy’s Guide -- by Jim Loy. This is his “Volume 2” problem book with many diagrammed positions for study, and is a companion book for corrections to Lees’ Guide. – see ACF Store/ Books page. I was reviewing my copy yesterday – there’s even one Lees’ Guide game that Jim put a question mark by 8 consecutive moves!

$20: 2009 ICHF annual (still unavailable, but I‘m thinking it should be ready soon) – ACF Store/Periodicals page.

Besides using ACF Store, anyone may buy these latter items direct from Jim Loy (or from Int. Checker Hall of Fame, for the annual).
Richard Beckwith
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Re: 3-Move WTM by Dr. Richard Beckwith

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:19 pm

It was my pleasure and enjoyment to receive this booklet today in the mail. I want to thanks personally Dr. Beckwith and Jim Loy for their tremendous efforts they've putted into this unit of work and trully - analytical masterpiece. Usually I like to annotate my games on my own, but this time it was psycholgically hard for me to do this, because the number of wins I missed in this match exceed all possible limits and beat all records :mrgreen:

I am very glad that Dr. Beckwith and Jim Loy filled out this hole and games of this match will not be lost, are professionally annotated and will be known and available to public.

Thanks again to everyone who helped to organize and run this match: sponsors, referee, contributors.

Many of our games and moves with Ron can be criticized, but we worked hard and fought hard. If anyone thinks s(he) can do it better - go ahead !

There is only one way to prove pudding ... :lol:


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