Jim Loy's Checker Problems, Vol. I

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Jim Loy's Checker Problems, Vol. I

Postby jimloy on Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:43 am

This was originally posted on the General Discussion Forum. Let me repeat my posting here. My latest book is Jim Loy's Checker Problems, Vol. I -- Correcting the Ancients. $20 ($25 overseas).

It's a fun book, with 271 pages and 766 diagrams. Some of the problems will actually knock your socks off. There are about six diagrams per page, and the solutions are upside down below the diagrams. And most of the problems correct ancient publish play (209 of the problems correct John Drummond!) and I show the variations that they correct.

It's in the ACF online store: http://usacheckers.com/viewstore.php?cat_id=2. Volume II will be out in three or four years, as I have other projects in the works. I'll try to make some images of my book covers for the ACF store. But I have to work on the December ACF Bulletin too.

Note: Richard White points out that I misspelled Andrew Anderson as Alfred Anderson! Another no cigar for me.
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Re: Jim Loy's Checker Problems, Vol. I

Postby whitefork on Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:09 am

Remember that the ultimate insult in act 2 of Waiting for Godot is "Crrrritic!"

This is another outstanding production from Mr Loy exceptionally fertile press.

Buy it. Now.
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