ACF National Tournament Games From My ACFB Collection

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ACF National Tournament Games From My ACFB Collection

Postby Dennis Cayton on Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:10 pm

Hello Checker Friends,

As mentioned in my previous thread, I have what can be described as an incomplete and broken-up collection of the American Checker Federation Bulletins (ACFBs), beginning with the August 1978 issue (Issue Number 154), and ending with the December 2003 issue (Issue Number 306).

A number of my issues contain missing pages, mainly from the preliminary sections, which include match and tournament news, mail play ladders, obituaties, and such columns as the Swap Shop, Fumbles and Swindles, and others.

To some players, these pages are important. To others, they are not. One player told me a number of years ago that some players throw away all of these preliminary pages and just keep the games from the ACF National Tournaments.

Out of my entire incomplete and broken-up ACFB collection, I discovered that I still have every single page of the following ACF National Tournaments:

***The 31st National Tournament, held at Mufresboro, Tennessee, in July
of 1978. Issues #169 (February 1981) to #179 (October 1982).

***The 32nd National Tournament, held at Longview, Texas, in August of 1978. Issues #180 (December 1982) to #191 (October 1984).

***The 34th National Tournament, held at Tupelo, Mississippi, in July of 1984. Issues #207 (June 1987) to #215 (October 1988).

***The 35th National Tournament, held at Tupelo, Mississippi, in July of 1986. Issues #216 (December 1988) to #229 (February 1991).

***The 36th National Tournament, held at Danville, Virginia, in July of 1988. Issues #230 (April 1991) to #243 (June 1993).

I am willing to separate the pages of each of these ACF National Tournaments, and assemble them together, for anybody who would like to buy one or more of them.

The price for each set of these ACF National Tournament game pages will be $10 each, plus shipping and postage.

Let me know if you might be interested in one or more of these sets.

Take care and good luck.

Best Wishes,

Dennis Cayton
Dennis Cayton
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