From My Library -- California Checker Chatter

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From My Library -- California Checker Chatter

Postby Dennis Cayton on Fri Jun 08, 2007 5:29 am


The next item I want to mention for sale is the following:

California Checker Chatter--A hardbound set from Volume 1 to Volume 10, beginning with the January-February 1950 issue and ending with the October-December 1959 issue .

Excellent condition: Now reduced from $100 to $80.

If my memory is correct, I paid $150 for this set a number of years ago from Donald Goodwin. Although it was advertised correctly as Volumes 1 through 10, I had assumed that this was a complete set. It was later when I discovered that there were 5 additional volumes, namely volumes 11 through 15.

Therefore, I am selling what is an incomplete set for $8 per volume or $80 for the volumes I have listed above.

Due to the weight of these hardback volumes, I will be asking the buyer to pay for the shipping costs. If a prospective buyer is interested, I will ask that buyer for his or her zip code. I will then take these volumes to our local PAK MAIL center to get the best possible estimate on the least expensive shipping cost available to the buyer's zip code location with a tracking number.

To my surprise, I have recently discovered that USPS is not always the cheapest way to go. As packages become heavier, sometimes UPS is cheaper.

My shipping costs will not include any boxes, bubble wrap, popcorn filler, and the like. Any and all of those expenses will be on me.

I will then contact the interested buyer with the best estimate I received and wait for the buyer's final decision.

I now take Pay Pal. I also take money orders and checks from ACF members.

My email address is as follows:

Contact me if you are interested.

Take care and good luck.

Best Wishes,

Dennis Cayton
Dennis Cayton
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