Occupational Hazard?

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Occupational Hazard?

Postby liam stephens on Thu Apr 19, 2007 7:29 pm

Famous Draughts Players and their Occupations

In a recent letter, Mr Little, of Christchurch, New Zealand, informs us of a number of the old school of players who were weavers by trade. Containing the names of some of the finest exponents of the game that ever lived, we imagine that there is no other trade that can boast of such a fine galaxy of players. First and foremost is the renowned Andrew Anderson, then follows the aforesaid's great rival, James Wyllie, who is a carpet weaver.
J McKerrow, Wm. Hay, and John Miller of Baillieston (who sometimes played friendly games, and occasionally held his own with Anderson), Robert White, of Parkhead, John King of Glasgow; last but not least, is James Little, Champion of Australasia. To supplement the above, we give the occupations of a few players whom we have known.
The late James Smith was a plumber, the late Harper Colthard was a schoolteacher, John Way was in the police force, Brown, of Bristol, was an engineer, Alfred Jordan, the present Champion of England, is a tobacconist in business, E Kelly, ex-Champion of Canada, and James Tonar, of Newcastle, are tonsorial artists. Willie Gardner is a boot and shoe maker, Christie of Durham, and Valentine of Aberdeen are ships' platers, Beattie is engaged in the post-office, Ferrie of Glasgow, and Smith of Philadelphia, are in the engineering line, Robert McCall, of Glasgow, and Richards, of Penzance, are compositors; and we could name a host of others, but space forbids.

Article in The Draughts Players' Quarterly Review September 1893.
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