Hoya Saxa!!!

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Hoya Saxa!!!

Postby Pedro Saavedra on Sun Mar 25, 2007 9:04 pm

As a Georgetown alumnus (as well as a resident of the DC area) I cannot help but gloat, cheer and feel ecstatic at the close, but glorious, basketball victory over the Tar Heels and the earlier one over Vanderbilt.

The last time Georgetown won the national title was in 1984, three days after my second child was born ... at Georgetown University Hospital.

The only college sport I attend these days is baseball, but I certainly follow my Hoyas when the get this high. My condolences to you Tar Heel fans and in advance to the Buckeye fans in the ACF.

We plan to eat Gator meat in the finals.
Pedro Saavedra
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