"Guaranteed Higher Ratings"

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"Guaranteed Higher Ratings"

Postby Mr. Checkers on Thu Jun 08, 2006 3:17 pm

Will come with the purchase of, serious study of, and successful implementation of the knowledge found within the covers of Alex's new book--"the 6th". Over the years we have personally known and been friends with many of the top world class checkers players. Not one has ever told us that they improved their game by talking about it. Nor have they ever told us that they improved their game by putting the checker books under their pillows and hence absorbed the knowledge within the covers by "osmosis". On the other hand all have stated that they have improved their games through many long years of very hard intense study and practice in applying that which they have learned. The 1996 version of Alex verus the 2006 version of Alex is an excellent example of that. Alex's desire, hard work and effort have paid off for him--as it will for you if you are willing to take on the challenge that is necessary to become a better checker player. It seems that many expect that to happen overnight by merely turning on their computers--that of course will never happen. Higher ratings come at a cost (as stated above) and you have to ask yourself if you are willing to make that sacrifice in order to improve your game.
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