Shr's opinion on the latest version of Kingsrow

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Shr's opinion on the latest version of Kingsrow

Postby Armlock on Tue Apr 11, 2006 11:52 pm

Grandmaster Shr,

We've all heard about your thoughts on Nemesis and it's huge opening book which is filled with new plays and cooks.

However Nemesis hasn't been updated in the past two years and Kingsrow and Cake has now surprassed it. With the latest version of Kingsrow which is now almost as strong as Cake Manchester in crossboard play and has a much much bigger opening book than the opening book that you can download with Cake, what do you think of Kingsrow's overall ability and it's opening book as compared to Nemesis?

By the way, have you ever beated Nemesis once in all the years you've sparred with it?

Re: Shr's opinion on the latest version of Kingsrow

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Wed Apr 12, 2006 12:15 am

Obviously Cake Manchester or Kingsrow opening books are larger and more accurate that one I have with Nemesis. I never play against programs and use them for analyses only.

I can note, that I find few inaccuracies in Nemesis opening book and shared them with Mac Banks couple years ago when he played in the mail World Championship. One of my "Nemesis corrections" gave him 2 wins ! I had another improvement in nowdays which shared with Jim Loy, and this gave him recently a fine victory against Mr. N. Profitt in the 2005 ACF International Championship Mail Ty.

I am still using Nemesis for my preparation, because it's opening book still has alot of "human published play" and references.

However, all after all, old paper books still occupy around 50% of my preparation. For my level it is enough. And if I can memorize 90%-95% of Solid Checkers & Basic Checkers, this will be enough for me. I still have some "holes" in regular knoweldges. Without filling out these holes, any serious usage of programs is useless.

Cake and Kingsrow opening books well exceed human level. For me there is no difference between 5,000,000 or 15,000,000 positions ! As human - I remember only several thousands.

Hence, my engine still works better than any of those programs. And probably always will. My algorytm is much more efficient and I am OK with this. All I know - any program is just a a product of human intelligence, knoweldges and geniousity.


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