Shr's opinion on the latest version of Kingsrow

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Shr's opinion on the latest version of Kingsrow

Postby Armlock on Tue Apr 11, 2006 11:52 pm


We've all heard about your thoughts on Nemesis and it's huge opening book which is filled with new plays and cooks.

However Nemesis hasn't been updated in the past two years and Kingsrow and Cake has now surprassed it. With the latest version of Kingsrow which is now almost as strong as Cake Manchester in crossboard play and has a much much bigger opening book than the opening book that you can download with Cake, what do you think of Kingsrow's overall ability and it's opening book as compared to Kingsrow?

By the way, have you ever beated Nemesis once in all the years you've sparred with it?

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