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Postby AKA on Thu Mar 16, 2006 5:22 am

Everyone give their opinion of the top 4 players(include women) of each country in Checkers: USA, WAL, ENG, CAN, SCO, IRE, BAR, NIR, RUS, CZE, DAN, NED, MON, AUT, GER, NZ, TUM, ITA, ISR or more.

WCDF ratings has this top 4 for USA - A.Moiseyev, J.Morrison, R.Hallet, L.Cowie.

For SCO - W.Docherty, T.Watson, J.Davidson, J.Grant

ENG - R.Pask, G.Miller, R.Allicock, D.Hyde

IRE - S.Cronin, H.Devlin, J.McCarthy, S.O'Driscoll

WAL - L.Edwards, D.Roberts, R.Jones, H.Parry

BAR - R.King, J.Francis, D.Lorde, J.Walcott.


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