Problem Composing Contest 37 is Underway

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Problem Composing Contest 37 is Underway

Postby Bill Salot on Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:33 am

Unofficial World Championship Checker Problem Composing Contest 37 - More Double Jeopardy -
January 20, 2018 - February 28, 2018, is underway at the link below.

Contest 37 resembles Contest 35 featuring counter-intuitive moves that put two White pieces in simultaneous jeopardy. But this time, the entries have fewer pieces and shorter solutions, are all White wins and offer a wider variety of ideas. As usual, composers entered only original unpublished problems.

These entries fall into two unidentified technical categories of three entries each. So, in addition to determining the most popular problem and its composer, a third objective of Contest 37 is to learn which of the two categories is favored most by you, the voters.

Contest 37 is also the first salvo of a 3-way challenge match between 4-time Problemist of the year, Roy Little, and perennial challengers Ed Atkinson and Bill Salot. Each of them entered one problem in each of the two categories in this contest.

Whether you are a steady fan of these contests or a visitor, if you cannot solve all six settings, please at least review the animated solutions, then vote for the one problem that most appeals to you.

If you want to get on the evaluation ladder, tell Bill Salot how you voted. His address is below the diagrams. Picking the winner puts you on the way to the top of the ladder. The current ladder is shown on "2017 - THE YEAR IN REVIEW".
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