Contest 31 Escapes - Overall Results

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Contest 31 Escapes - Overall Results

Postby Bill Salot on Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:37 pm

Unofficial World Championship Checker Problem Composing Contest 31 – Escapes - Overall Results

Round 1, December 2016 – 347 visitors; 13 voted

Winner: Tight Squeeze by Roy Little, 10 votes; Roy regains World Championship, Problemist of the Year again; Tight Squeeze advances to Round 2;

2nd Place: Scattered Brains by Bill Salot, 2 votes; eliminated;

3rd Place: Desperate Escape by Ed Atkinson, 1 vote; eliminated;

4th & 5th Place Tie, Simple Simon by Louis Cowie and Ook by Jim Loy, 0 votes each; eliminated.

Round 2, February 2017 – 287 visitors; 12 voted

Overall Winner Tight Squeeze by Roy Little, 8 votes; still the winner; still World Champion;

2nd in voting, but disqualified, Sharecropper, a variation of a larger problem co-authored by 19th-Century Chicagoans G. H. Slocum and his mentor Charles Hefter, 2 votes; disqualified due to prior publication by them in the Chicago Inter Ocean, October 15, 1892; this was the first of two times in his career that Slocum shared co-authorship of a problem; Mr. Slocum will try again.

2nd & 3rd Place Tie: Choose Wisely, Grasshopper by Brian Hinkle & It’s a Draw! by John Webster, 1 vote each; “It’s a Draw!” is what Webster said after Teal Stanley resigned their last game at the 2016 Virginia Tourney.
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Re: Contest 31 Escapes - Overall Results

Postby George Hay on Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:56 am

Hi Bill, thank you for a unique two-part Contest #31. Roy Little's Tight Squeeze and Slocum/Hefter's Sharcropper are two simply elegant problems!

--George Hay
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