New site to play on (easily invite friends)

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New site to play on (easily invite friends)

Postby SegFalt on Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:41 pm

Hello ACF,

I grew up playing checkers, but never developed any skills beyond that of an occasional player. I'm hoping to change that with a project I've been working on since graduation.

I've really focused on the app being:
- low friction. It should be easy to play with your friends, and you shouldn't need to make an account. (eg: you can play with me here at )
- cross platform. Most board game sites either only work well on one platform, or have drastically different experiences across platforms. Not this app
- clean interface. Simple to understand, and no cruft

I'd love to hear what the checkers players think of this app, and see if it meets the needs of more serious players. My long term goal is for this to be a way for people of all nationalities to play and learn these timeless games.

PS: when I created my account I got to play ACF's very own Alan Millhone. (You can see the game here )
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