Checker mentoring to my Grandson

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Checker mentoring to my Grandson

Postby Alan Millhone on Sat Feb 11, 2006 9:16 pm

Hi Everyone:

We had our two of our three Grandsons for the night last night. Forest is 7 and has a casual interest in Checkers. However, Solomon who is 9 is a different story:-) Last Summer in Dublin,Ohio his Mother brought him to the first " Arthur Niederhoffer Youth Tournament". Two weeks prior to the youth ty. we had the honor of having Mr. Ron King in our Belpre home. Ron and I played most evenings ................ It ceases to amaze me how many different ways Ron found to beat me. He also on several occasions tutored Solomon on problems to solve . I have begun giving Solomon books on the game and my first ones are by Robert Pike and Mr. Pike's video on the game. I have given him Lee's Guide and last night at my home gave him two paperback by Millard Hopper. We sat down at my board and I gave him the cut-off top of a 2 part score sheet that shows the numbered board . I held one of the books and read aloud the numbers as to where the pieces for each problem go. We had quite a session setting up various positions and then telling him to find the solution. At one point after we did a 'smother' where his sole king beat 3 of his opponent's pieces he remarked, " position beats possession" !! Tom Wiswell would have been proud to have heard this young man make that remark. I intend to gradually build his library and to mentor him and to keep him encouraged in learning one the finest mind games ever devised. He is excited about this June and entering his second yourth tournament at Medina,Ohio. In my mentoring I instruct him on not touching the pieces and to learn to visualize movements. I also have taught him to shake hands with each oponent and to be a good sport whether winning or losing in any game. He has his own regulation board and a set of Crisloid red&white pieces and his own time clock.

Checkers/Draughts needs many more young players like Solomon. Do you know such a young person you might take under your wing and tutor that person in the beauty of Dama ? I bought Solomon a year ago his own ACF Membership and he is now on the member list for the Missouri Newsletter. He looks forward to his next ACF Bulletin and Mo. Newsletter.

The point of my article is that many of us can share our game with some youth we might know either outside or inside of our own family. For our game to survive we need many more youth in our fold. You might consider bringing a youth this June and let them enter the ACF Youth Tournament .

Alan Millhone, Presdient
American Checker Federation
" Proud Grandpa "
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Re: Checker mentoring to my Grandson

Postby Palomino on Sat Feb 11, 2006 11:34 pm

My grandson Elias will be 3 years old Mar. 28th, he says "checkers, Pappaw" every time I see him and we play, right now that means mostly we build towers with the checkers but it's a start. He loves to play with checkers, I hope to some day bring him to the Arthur Niederhoffer Youth Tournament but it will be a couple of years from now, lol, Great post Alan, thanks for sharing with us.

Regards, "Pal"
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