Draughts app in Smartphone

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Draughts app in Smartphone

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Sat Apr 25, 2015 7:59 am

Dear Draughts players,

Flits on your mobile phone or tablet? That is possible!

The Flits Draughts app is here.
For iOS and Android.
You can get it from the App Store (Apple) and the Play Store (Google).
For more information go to:

For iOS (Apple) it is a direct purchase. The app is only € 4,99. The app runs on all devices with iOS 7 or higher.

For Android it is a free download in which Flits does not play at full capacity. You can try the app first. The app runs on almost all mobiles and tablets. But for Android there are some requirements which are described on the website mentioned above. If the app runs fine you can make an in-app purchase and Flits will play at full strength. For only € 4,99.

There is a Facebook page about Flits Draughts.
It is a public page and everybody can be member.
If you want to be informed about the latest app news.
You can also become member of Facebook page Turbo Dambase.

With this app you always have Flits with you, wherever you are!

Klaas Bor
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