Sport Accord 2014 photo contest.

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Sport Accord 2014 photo contest.

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Mon Nov 24, 2014 4:12 am

A.Presman wrote:Please, send your photos. Along with prices, number of pictures increase draughts presentation in Mind Games Informational World.

Even if your picture don't win a prize, it could be still publish on website or World Mind Games Bulletin



A picture is worth a thousand words. Or in your case, worth a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3!

SportAccord presents the World Mind Games 2014 photo contest and a chance for you to win neat prizes for your interest in mind games. All you need to enter are an Instagram account and decent photography skills.

The rules of entry are simple and consist of the following easy steps-
1. Click a photograph showcasing your interpretation of any of the 5 mind games at the World Mind Games 2014- chess, bridge, Go, Xiangqi and draughts.
2. Upload the photograph on Instagram using the hashtag #SAWMG14.

The 3 best photographs would be chose on ‘vision, originality and creativity’. The prizes awaiting the winner are as follows-

1st prize- 1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
2nd prize- 1 World Mind Games watch
3rd prize- $100 gift card

The contest opens from the 22nd of October to the 4th of December, 2014. So, pick up that camera, get clicking and get winning!

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