Contest #17 Started a Week Early

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Contest #17 Started a Week Early

Postby Bill Salot on Sat May 24, 2014 3:24 pm

It is easy to misplay long, hard mid-games and endings. When we do, we not only miss good moves, but some of the game's hidden beauties as well. Here is an opportunity to simulate such situations. Play these problems as if you were competing crossboard against the animator. The difference is when you decide on a wrong move, the animator will show you the right one. Also timely notes will pop up to highlight points that otherwise might be missed along the way.

Contest #17 for the Unofficial World Championship of Checker Problem Composing consists of Strokeless Strategies, a complete reversal from the Giant Strokes in Contest #16. Roy Little is trying for a third consecutive win.

The solutions to these problems ordinarily would require time, care and patience because they shun shots and similar shortcuts to success. Instead they settle into subtle struggles with secrets that most players would seldom seize. But you and your animator can reap the benefits with a minimum of effort.

Composers, who gave you stingers and shockers in the past, show their flexibility here. In this contest, each trunk solution has at least 10 star moves, at least 2 key variations, and nary a single stroke. Exploring their insights will be worth your while.

Which one impresses you most? There is no need to actually solve them; instead soak up their ideas via the animations; then vote to determine the winner, and come back later to check on the voting trends.

The polls will remain open through the month of June.
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