RESULTS of Problem Composing Contest #16

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RESULTS of Problem Composing Contest #16

Postby Bill Salot on Thu May 01, 2014 6:42 pm

In Case you haven't heard:

Unofficial World Championship Checker Problem Composing Contest #16 Results:

Roy Little retained his world title and his perfect record so far this year. He had a share of back-to-back wins last year as well. Since he doesn't have a computer, congratulations can be given only by 'phone, hand delivery, or in person.

His cleverly titled "Five Gone Conclusion", with 8 votes, won in a landslide. It featured a quintuple jump hidden in a relatively natural setting.

In a distant 2nd place tie, with 1 vote each, were:

>Ed Atkinson's "Code Breaker" with a first-ever Jack-in-the-Box jump, plus a 4-for-2, and a man-down win;

>Melvin Green's "Long Shot", a classic pure stroke with a fantastic 4-for-3 finale; and

>V. J. Parrot's "Mt. Vesuvius", the only stroke requiring careful afterplay.

Last and largest was Bill Salot's "Long Diagonal", continuing his streak of attracting zero votes.

Although voting was down, the 307 visitors to Contest #16 was a record exceeding every contest since we started counting in October 2013.

Contest problems are selected from a large backlog of entries. An effort is made to choose problems of near equal merit for each contest. So the lopsided win in Contest #16 comes as a surprise.

All of the problems in Contest #16 had at least 13 total pieces and at least 4 star moves, resulting in removal of at least 11 pieces from the board.

It appears that the judges placed unexpected emphasis on naturalness of setting. Future contests will try to better recognize this factor.

Comments are invited.
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