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Re: WCDF Ratings Update?

Postby Alex_Moiseyev on Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:55 pm

champion374 wrote:Im far from a title but with hard work will get there soon
I have very little doubts about this! Any hard work is awarded. GM title was given to Matteo based on his performance, not rating. You can go the same way.

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Re: WCDF Ratings Update?

Postby nboatman on Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:06 am

Alex_Moiseyev wrote:People constantly make the same mistake - there is no game in 3-moves or 11-man ballot events. There is ballot - minimatch.

If I play World title match, 40 games, it doesn't matter I won 21 games, or 1 game and 39 draws. In both cases I won match.

First of all, games are sometimes the correct units when discussing 3-move and 11-man ballot events, which is why Alex described a 3-move WTM as 40 games rather than 20 ballots. Since the WTM is scored by game rather than ballot, 40 games is the right description.

Second, it definitely matters whether you win 21 games or win 1 and draw 39. Sure, either way you win the title, but the former suggests you are much, much better than your opponent, while the latter suggests you are a tiny bit better. Since ratings are supposed to convey the difference in playing strength, these outcomes are very different (and should be) for the purposes of ratings.

Now, I believe the point Alex is trying to make is that players will play differently depending on what they're trying to accomplish. So, he might not play aggressively and risk losing late in a close WTM, so he ends up 1-0-39 instead of something like 2-0-37. Of course the difference between the outcomes is relatively small. However, it does have a greater impact in events that are scored by ballot. We should not rate events by game if they are scored by ballot, because players gain nothing by trying to win both games in the ballot, so they won't try. Treating a ballot scored event as if it were scored by game is judging players based on something the tournament rules didn't require of them (this will manifest itself many times in a ballot scored event, in contrast to maybe once or twice in a game scored WTM). Applying game scoring could even lead you to believe that a different player had won the tournament!
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Re: WCDF Ratings Update?

Postby champion374 on Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:03 pm

The next list i cant wait to see since Alex said it will be exciting.

I am planing on doing more traveling .
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