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The deadline to submit nominations for the February election is January 8. We will elect ACF members to fill the following offices: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Player Representative, and all nine district managers. The ballot will be published in the February issue. A committee will be appointed to count the votes, and those elected will take office in March.

To run for office, you must be nominated, be at least 18 years old, have been an ACF member for at least one year, and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. If you run for district manager, you must be a resident of that district.

Here is the current list of nominees


Alan Millhone

Hello ACF Members:

It appears I am running for re-election unopposed for ACF President. My goals are to increase membership, get the ACF Bulletin into your hands in a timely fashion, find some type of corporate sponsorship for your ACF, attract more youth into the game (male and female),perhaps offer a reduced membership rate for junior ACF Members along with an electronic copy of the ACF Bulletin. All of this takes time and I need more volunteers. I have a small core of dedicated helpers, but could use more. I wil lcontinue to serve your needs and the needs of your ACF as long as I feel I am effective and making progress in some of the goals I have set for myself to accomplish.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation

First Vice President

Nobody is known to be running for this position

Second Vice President

Michael Holmes

Tremendous works from various people for the progress of checkers has been remarkable this past year. I can continue to help the progress of checkers through various activities as I did last year. This year I will be able to spend even more time with different activities for the improvement of the game.
If I am elected my priorities will be:
(1) To ensure many companies (small companies and fortune 500) receive a fund raising letter
(2) Continue to provide the ACF with games and annotations for fund raising projects
(3) Support activities that help the game of checkers become more recognized

Thanks for supporting checkers,

Michael Holmes


Mac Banks

I have been promoting checkers for 45 years. I have served in the past as President of Misssissippi Checkers, District Five manager, ACF's rep. for conducting World computer championships, and recently as games editor for the ACF Bulletin.

If elected I will be a team player and will work with existing president to promote checkers and to represent all classes of checker players equally when voting on issues that need to be addressed. I am organized, good listener, open-minded and will be available to anyone either by email, phone or regular mail. One of my first goals is to work with executive staff to quicken the delivery of the ACF bulletin to all ACF members and to ensure there is an accurate listing of all ACF members. In addition, I want to work with Jim Loy, new bulletin editor, to make the bulletin even more interesting than it is now.

This is an exciting time in checkers as we have more youth involved than any time I have seen during my checker career. I cheerish the opportunity to work with the youth as they have many new ideas that are very worthy that will benefit all checker players. In closing , I will say that all checker players can count on me to represent them fairly in all issues .

Mac Banks

I have served the ACF in the past as Dist. 5 Director, games editor for the bulletin , president of Mississippi checkers and coordinator of Computer checker tournies for the ACF. I am organized and easily accessible as I have email as well as home phone and cell phone. I am a team player who will support our ACF President to help deliver data to all our membership in a timely manner. I have been involved with checkers for over 40 years and know personally most of our membership. I believe in what's good for all classes of players. I believe in supporting checkers in a postive manner and understand that we can learn a lot from the ideas of the youth that has come into the game in the recent years. Vote for me and you will not be disapointed. All the best, Mac Banks


Donald Brattin

I have the experience to perform the duties of Treasurer, and the desire to assist the ACF in its efforts to promote and popularize the Game I have loved for 50-years.

Player Representative

Dr. Richard Beckwith

The tournament scene is the heart and soul of the ACF. For many years I have served as tournament director for several events. I currently function as National Organizer. Under this position, I assisted with tournament news and established a Guide for Tournament Directors (available at or by request) to assist our regional tournament organizers. Through a team effort, our ratings are now on display on the internet. However, there is still more work to do to ensure all ACF events are reported and rated properly.

I have been working with Alan Millhone at listening to members about how to score at the National Tournaments. The round scoring system appears unpopular with many. I would like to see a change to something such as ballot scoring where one point is registered for those who play three draws and a loss (or play a win and two losses). Nevertheless, such changes need to be implemented in a way that is consistent with membership consensus. Along these lines, there are numerous other rule issues I would like to propose so that we are working with updated rules. For example, our rules posted on the internet are out of date in several areas. I have also been working with Alan at updating the 40-move rule and at harmonizing checker rules with other federations.

I have been looking at new suggestions to enhance the professionalism of the tournament scene. For example, a copy of the annotated tournament games (of the Master class) was given to all participants and contributors of the last Ohio tournament. This provides a lasting record of games while raising money for the local association. I am also considering a “State Cup” (originally an Alex idea), where teams from different states compete against each other.

An important goal for the ACF is to attract new members, young and old. I believe that we can do more to attract junior members, including providing affordable membership options to those members who are under 18, and by offering membership kits to help new players improve their checker-playing ability. There have been numerous other suggestions on how to advertise checkers, but it will take a team effort – it’s our ACF!

In short, I will listen to the needs, concerns and suggestions of all players and will strive to balance new ideas with those traditional ways that still work well. I intend to be an easy-to-reach person, whether it be by regular mail, e-mail, or BBS. The ultimate goal is to make things better for players and for checkers.

District 1 Manager

Nobody is known to be running for this position

District 2 Manager

Nobody is known to be running for this position

District 3 Manager

Nobody is known to be running for this position

District 4 Manager

Nobody is known to be running for this position

District 5 Manager

Nobody is known to be running for this position

District 6 Manager

Nobody is known to be running for this position

District 7 Manager

Nobody is known to be running for this position

District 8 Manager

Nobody is known to be running for this position

District 9 Manager

Nobody is known to be running for this position

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