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  Draughts Razoo: Winter 2003 / Spring 2004 A brand new checker magazine is now available! It's called Draughts Razoo and is edited by checker enthusiast and professional publisher Nick McBride of London, England. Draughts Razoo contains articles, stories, problems, and analysis from contributing authors throughout the globe.

The second issue, Winter 2003 / Spring 2004, includes the following articles:

  • Introduction to the Numbers.

  • Razoo editorial.
    A lot has happened since the first Razoo in June 2003. The editor gives a quick summing up of the news and looks at what's new on the horizon ...

  • The Big Match - A Referee's Perspective
    Dr. John Reade was the referee for the Moiseyev - King match. Here's his review of the crucial stages of the match, with a tribute to the players ...

  • The Festival of Draughts Cookstown 2003
    A flying visit to Cookstown in Northern Ireland gave the Razoo editor a chance to see some old friends and meet some new ones ...

  • Useful Wrinkles
    When Richard Pask offered to submit an article I was very happy. I was even happier when I realised that the article was the first in a series ...

  • Transpose Your Game the Smart Way
    As promised in the last issue of the Razoo, the ACF's vice president Lisle Cormier sheds some light on the difficult art of transposition.

  • Leroy Adams - Grandmaster
    The former Canadian champion Leroy Adams reminisces on life in Barbados and Canada, and unleases the Adams Mirror Shot ...

  • Improving Upon the Fourth Position Win
    The solution to fourth position has stood unchallenged for 250 years. Computing expert Ed Trice has uncovered some new ideas ...

  • Missed Opportunity
    On the final day of the 2001 UK & Ireland v USA match, Scotland's Tom Watson stood between Alex Moiseyev and the record books. Alex writes ...

  • Foresight or Good Preparation?
    Being one of the few German players, he had to develop his skills on the Internet. In his first real tournament, Dennis Pawlek took some scalps ...

  • The Small Print
    Bits and pieces from the world of draughts and checkers - in no particular order. But always read the Small Print ...

  • Alan Millhone versus Ed Bruch
    At the 2003 Pennsylvania Open, the ACF president Alan Millhone had one of the big guns on the ropes. Alan gives his account of the game ...

  • The Greatest Achievements in Draughts
    Some you'd have predicted, hopefully some you wouldn't have. Nick McBride gives his choices for the dozen finest draughts achievements ...

  • Steve Answers Your Questions
    Featured on the cover of the last Razoo, Steve the Bassett hound answers readers' questions ...

    View the contents of other issues of Draughts Razoo, and learn how to order your very own copy today!
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