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  Draughts Razoo: Summer / Autumn 2003 A brand new checker magazine is now available! It's called Draughts Razoo and is edited by checker enthusiast and professional publisher Nick McBride of London, England. Draughts Razoo contains articles, stories, problems, and analysis from contributing authors throughout the globe.

The first issue, Summer / Autumn 2003, includes the following articles:

  • A report on the Cambridge Mind Sports Olympiad, including annotated games, by Nick McBride (England).

  • Ed Trice (USA), programmer of WCC, explains how computers analyze the White Doctor opening.

  • Lisle Cormier (USA) gives advice advice to beginners on how to study checkers in Baby Steps.

  • Dr. Richard Beckwith (USA) annotates a practice game he played in November 2002 against Ohio master Louis Cowie.

  • An exclusive interview with Grandmaster Richard Pask (England).

  • A section of missed opportunities that highlights blunders made in tournament competition.

  • Master Lindus Edwards (Wales) annotates games he played against Marion Tinsley and Derek Oldbury in 1983.

  • Richard Fortman (USA) annotates a game he played on against rising young star Michael Heckert (USA).

  • Al Lyman (USA) revisits Marion Tinsley's proof that the 1-6 Tyne loses.

  • Renowned stroke problemist Melvyn Green (England) shares some secrets of the art of composition.

  • Hans L'Hoest (Belgium) examines the classic American Position in depth.

  • A section called Small Print offers bits and pieces of news and adventure from around the world.

  • ACF World Champion Alex Moiseyev (USA) annotates a game he won against Larry Keen (USA) during the 2002 Illinois Tournament.

    View the contents of other issues of Draughts Razoo, and learn how to order your very own copy today!
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