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A Modernized Index of Openings

Explanation: As alread indicated, there are 137 perfectly sound combinations formed by the first three moves, i.e., black's first move, white's reply, and black's second move. With this large number of openings, some method of classifying them according to strength is necessary to help the student.

In studying this problem, the author has devised a means which will help the player interested in go-as-you-please, as well as the player interested in three move play. This index is arranged into seven basic sections, representing each of black's seven opening moves, as shown below:

I11-15Old Faithful
II9-14Double Corner

The first section (11-15) represents black's strongest opening move with the six alternatives being given in the order of playing strength and merit. In each of the seven basic sections, the first group of white replies forms what the author believes to be the strongest reply. For example, in section I, openings one through five, 23-18 is given as white's best reply, while openings eighteen through twenty-one give 21-17 as white's weakest reply. White's replies from openings six through seventeen are arranged in the order of strength and merit. The second group of black moves (following white's replies) are also listed in the order of playing strength and merit. A brief evaluation of the opening is also given to aid the student further. The star or asterisk (*) indicates openings which were seldom ventured in go-as-you-please or two move play. [editor: see Basic Checkers for more recent evaluations of these openings]

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