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The Concept of Opening

There is a scientific explanation for the necessity of Three Move Restriction. With no restriction, there are only two moves (out of black's seven possible opening moves) that promise an even game. These moves are 11-15 and 9-14. It is impossible for white not to obtain the opening advantage against black's five alternative moves, if he (white) is allowed to choose his best immediate reply. The following concept can be applied to any opening move or series of moves.

The Concept of Opening: The strength or weakness of an opening move is measured in terms of the strongest immediate reply.

A majority of players who play go-as-you-please in friendly sessions make 11-15 invariably. They realize that other moves are less good. To the student, this confinement of play to 11-15 is at first sight helpful, but he will soon realize the narrow confinements under this system. And entirely fair method of play is possible under Three Move Restriction by playing any opening twice, once with the black side and once with the white side. This "trading of blows" can lead to an exciting contest between two equals.

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