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  Canadian Checker Association Nothing of value comes without hard work or effort. For the past several months, much work has been put into creating the environment for a viable Canadian checker organization.


  • Some standards for Canadian checkers were set in a document entitled Defining the Standard.
  • The Frederick J. Vacher Memorial Trophy was restored as part of the Canadian Match Championship.
  • The Canadian Checker Match Championship was played for the first time in seven years. The event, held in Ancaster, Ontario, from October 22-25, 2003, was publicized throughout Canada. The winner, Earl Morrison, became the first official Canadian Checker Match Champion.

  Work in Progress

  • Site selection and planning for the 2004 Canadian Open.
  • Executive members are working to complete a Constitution for the new association.

  About CCA President Ken Shoesmith
The President of new Canadian Checker Association is Ken Shoesmith. Mr. Shoesmith is a resident of Dundas, Ontario. He is a former educator and school principal, now retired. He has been promoting checkers in Hamilton and the surrounding area for a number of years and continues to work with young people. He organized the Canadian Open Tournament and served as referee in 1997. He was also the Director and referee of the Canadian Checker Match Championship in October 2003.

Mr. Shoesmith brings many years of experience and his personal integrity to the Canadian checker community. We would like to thank Ken for agreeing to serve as our first President. Congratulations!

  Announcement: New CCA Treasurer Appointed!
Mr. Rawle Squires of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has been named treasurer of the Canadian Checker Association. Mr. Squires is a retiree of Livingston International. He was employed as an Operational Supervisor under contract with Canada Post Corporation in conjunction with Canada Customs. He has extensive experience in Management and Business Administration with a certificate in each discipline from the Canadian Institute of Management and Red River Community College. Mr. Squires is also an avid checker player.

  How to Join
To join the Canadian Checker Association, please direct all membership fees ($25.00 Canadian / U.S. Funds) to:

Rawle Squires
Canadian Checker Association Treasurer
101 Strewchuk Bay
Winnipeg, MB R2P 2L3

New members will receive a total of 50 games - 30 games from the 1996 Canadian Match Championship (Earl Morrison vs. Leroy Adams) and 20 bonus games from Canadian players.

Mr. Ken Shoesmith
President, Canadian Checker Association

7 Moonglow Place
Dundas, Ontario L9H 3R6

Mr. Leroy Adams
Vice President, Canadian Checker Association

86 Arlington Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 1Y4

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