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  Biography: Alex Moiseyev

Alex Moiseyev
ACF Player Representative
Three-Move World Champion
Alex Moiseyev was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1959. By the age of 15 years old, he had obtained a Master rating in Russian draughts. In 1979, Mr. Moiseyev switched from Russian draughts to International draughts. Two years later, he won the Moscow Championship in this style, earning the title of Grandmaster.

Alex Moiseyev immigrated to the United States in 1991 with his wife and family to work in New York as a computer programmer. In 1996, Mr. Moiseyev won the U.S. Championships in International draughts and with it the right to play for the world championship at that style of play. However, following this victory, he retired from the International game and took up the Anglo-American game of draughts / checkers instead. He competed in the U.S. National Three-Move Championship in 1996 and finished fifth in the Master Division. Two years later, Alex was runner-up to Richard Hallett at the U.S. National Championship at Danville, Virginia. In 1999, Alex Moiseyev won the U.S. National GAYP Championship at Niagara Falls ahead of a strong field of players, five of whom had previously contested world championship matches. Mr. Moiseyev followed this up in 2000 by winning the U.S. Three-Move Championship at Toledo, Ohio, giving him ownership of both American tournament titles at the same time!

In 2000, Alex Moiseyev challenged GAYP World Champion Ron King to a GAYP World Title Match. The match was played at the International Checker Hall Of Fame in Petal, Mississippi, and ended in a tie score - three wins each and 18 games drawn. Since that time, Alex Moiseyev has won the Canadian Open, won the World Championship Elimination Match against British Tournament Champion William Docherty (2001), finished as runner-up to Ron King in the U.S. GAYP Championship (2001), and finished as runner-up to Ron King in the British Open Championship (2002). Mr. Moiseyev played First Board for the U.S. against Britain and Ireland in the Seventh International Match in 2001, scoring 11 wins and nine draws in 20 games played.

Following an aborted Three-Move World Title Match in 2001 against Ron King, Mr. Moiseyev contested a Three-Move Title Match in 2002 against former American Champion and World Title Challenger Elbert Lowder (USA) for what the American Checker Federation (ACF) claimed was the Three-Move World Championship. This match was won by Mr. Moiseyev by the score of 12-0 and 17 draws. More recently, Alex Moiseyev contested the U.S. GAYP Championship held at Honea Path, South Carolina, during early August 2003, emerging victorious once again.

In October 2003, the long awaited Three-Move Title Match between Alex Moiseyev and Ron King occurred at the International Festival of Draughts in Cookstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Mr. Moiseyev won the match decidedly by the score of 8-2 and 25 draws, laying claim to the undisputed Three-Move World Championship Title.

Alex Moiseyev's incredible record has earned him Grandmaster status in all three variations of the game (Russian, International, and English draughts)! His ability to adapt is unprecedented. Mr. Moiseyev already stands out as one of the great players in the history of the game.

Alex Moiseyev is married to Galina. They have two sons and one daughter.

This biography is based on an excerpt by at the International Festival of Draughts.

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