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Ballot for ACF Elections (2005-06)

Use this page or a photocopy of it to vote for ACF officers. Vote for a candidate by placing an ďXĒ on the line before the personís name. You must print and sign your name at the bottom of the ballot for your votes to be counted. The members of the Nomination and Election Committee will keep all votes confidential, but they must have the voterís name to be able to verify eligibility and to ensure that each person submits only one ballot. Mail your ballot to the following address by May 1:

Tim Laverty
ACF Nomination and Election Committee
302 Raleigh St.
Sanford NC 27332

National Officials

Vote for at most one candidate for each office. To vote for a write-in candidate, write the personís name in the space provided.

President                           Secretary
     ____ Alan Millhone      ____ Mac Banks
____ Write-in: ____ Francesco La Rocca
____ Write-in:
First Vice President Treasurer
____ John Webster ____ Don Brattin
____ Write-in: ____ Write-in:
Second Vice President Player Representative
____ Write-in: ____ Richard Beckwith
____ Write-in:

District Managers

Vote for a manager for only the district in which you live. If you donít know your district number, see the back cover of the bulletin for a list of the states in each district.
District 1: ____ Freeman Frank      ____ Write-in:
District 2: ____ Write-in:
District 3: ____ Anthony Kozenski ____ Write-in:
District 4: ____ Larry Michael ____ Write-in:
District 5: ____ Write-in:
District 6: ____ Roger Blaine ____ Write-in:
District 7: ____ Gary Hinerman ____ Write-in:
District 8: ____ Steve Graham ____ Write-in:
District 9: ____ John R. Gibson ____ Write-in:

Your name (printed): __________________ Your signature: ___________________

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