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Some ACF notes...

Our secretary Mac Banks tells me that membership has seen a significant increase in the past several months and that we have reached 400. For non-life members, please remember to pay your annual ACF dues of $25, which currently applies for many of us that have membership expiration at the end of the year. Dues may be sent to Don Brattin (see address on front of latest bulletin) or through Paypal at ACF store/Membership.

Bids for a 2006 National Tournament will be accepted through the end of the year. See ACF forum for discussion. Bidding info is contained under ACF Info/Governance/Bylaws/Article VIII (although updates are in the works to recognize WCDF). Also, bids for the new ACF State Cup (a three-day event) are welcome too.

Many new ACF Store items have been added in the last year. Checker boards, pieces, notation books, and 3-move decks have been selling well. Are you looking to put on a club or youth event? Mr. Pike (in addition to his many fine books and videos) now has inexpensive bulk checker sets for sell. Those who prefer not to use Paypal may contact me about using a check or money order.

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep