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The 8th. International Book

An outstanding team of colloborators is working on the games of this very interesting match. The games, wow ! See the surprising play of Joe Schwartz as he came out with the best score on the American team. See Patricia Breen win a game from Jim Morrison, the # 1 man on the American team. See Patricia Breen draw the weak side of the Octopus against the mighty Leo Levitt. See incredible play that you've never seen anywhere. See corrections of published play and much much more. We now need to know about how many copies of the book we should print when the play is ready. Please send a post card with your pledge to buy the book so we will know how many copies to print. You can send $40.00 for the book or just your pledge by post card to Gerry Lopez at 41858 Corte Selva, Temecula,Ca. 92591. For overseas players the book will cost $45.00 to defray the cost of postage. Those who want a numbered copy and wish to help defray ACF expenses of this historic centennial match can send $100.00 . There is unbelievable play in the match and the book will have many instructive and worthwhile features. This is a book that should be in every checker player's library. It will be fun reading and studying. Don't forget to send a post card pledge to Gerry.

Submitted by :Gerry Lopez