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Possibly a first for the ACF ?

Hello everyone:
My Daughter has two younger boys who play on soccer teams here in Belpre,Ohio. My grandson Solomon is in the second grade and played last year as well. His team now wears bright red shirts with the ACF Logo , American Checker Federation name and web address on the back of each team members tee shirt. By sponsoring this team is just another way to 'net work' and work to reach our youth. Solomon also played in this past June's " Arthur Niederhoffer 2005 ACF Youth Tournament" held in Dublin,Ohio. Solomon placed 3rd. and is learning good sportsmanship and other fine qualties thru playing Checkers. As a soccer player he is learning to play as a team, to take orders from his coach, and to win or lose as a good sport. Checkers is great for the mind and Soccer is good for the body and both go well together. Some of you might consider sponsoring an ACF sports team if asked or ask to sponsor one on your own. The extra publicity can't hurt and is helping our youth.

Alan Millhone, ACF President