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Support our Youth in the GAYP World Qualifier

Yunior Lopez has accepted an invitation to represent the International Checkers Hall of Fame at the Go-As-You-Please World Qualifying Youth Tournament in Prague. However, the airfare may cost up to $1100. Yunior asks that fellow members contribute to their travel fund in one of the following two ways:

Contributions may be sent directly to Yunior Lopez at 1200 Declaration Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89110. Alternatively, Paypal users may contribute under Store/Donations/Dream Young Donation or /Travel Fund Donation.

Yunior was the captain of the 2005 U.S. v.s. Great Britain and was the 2004 National GAYP Youth Champion. Yunior proposes to give booklets of the online match between U.S. and Great Britain with $15 Donations (minimum). The Match features Masters and Grandmasters such as Alex Moiseyev, Richard Fortman, Michael Holmes, Lindus Edwards, Clayton Nash, Ryan Pronk, Gene Lindsay, Liam Stephens, George Miller, and Dave Harwood.

Michael Holmes has also previously requested travel assistance for the men's qualifier. See post below (entered 6/6/2005) or ACF store for more details.

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep