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Czech Republic Joins WCDF, Surpasses WCDF Goals!

The Czech Republic became the latest country to join the World Checkers and Draughts Federation (WCDF) after Igor Keder of the Czech Union of Draughts (CUD) announced on April 7, 2004 that his organization had applied for membership. All affiliates of the WCDF have the opportunity to send representatives to the First WCDF World Qualifying Tournament that begins on June 13, 2004. All organizations / federations that join the WCDF before June 13, 2004 will be considered WCDF Charter Members.

The Czech Union of Draughts became the eleventh charter member of the WCDF, surpassing the WCDF's goal of having ten affiliates before the start of the World Qualifying Tournaments. Other charter members include the American Checker Federation, the Barbados Draughts Association (BDA), the Canadian Checker Association (CCA), the Cymdeithas Draughts Association (Wales), the English Draughts Association (EDA), the German Draughts Association (GDA), the International Checker Hall of Fame (ICHF), the Northern Federation of Draughts (Northern Ireland), the Northwest Draughts Federation (NWDF - Northwest Ireland), and the Scottish Draughts Association (SDA).

Any organization wishing to join the WCDF may contact Charles Walker, WCDF President, at

Submitted by :Charles Walker, President, WCDF