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Reader opinion poll requested

Possible A.C.F. Gaming Site !! Hello ACF Members and all Checker/Draughts players:

I received an interesting email last night from a ACF Member asking if the ACF would like to have its own playing room site on the internet. For now this person's name will not be revealed as we are only in the planning stages for such a site.

Now comes my question to each of you who play online. I am looking for as much feedback as possible as to what each of you who play online like and dislike about each site you visit. Also in your opinion what a perfect playing site would have to offer (or close to perfect:-). looking for ideas on visual features of the site, how one 'logs in' each time, perhaps the site would have a user " Code of Ethics" (to be developed). A site that would offer GAYP and 3-Move restriction styles of play,etc. Ability to host online tournaments, use of clocks, kibitzing ,etc. Simply tell me everything you can in your reply back to me. Remember this is simply a survey, nothing concrete as yet. However rest assured the site is within reach and funding is available to purchase a site. Money will NOT come out of the ACF coffers (no liquid cash to do this anyway).

Alan Millhone, ACF President

Submitted by :Alan Millhone