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Significant Changes

The ACF Website is going through some significant changes! Recently I posted an ad for help on the website. I'd like to thank the many people that replied to that ad to volunteer your time, it was greatly appreciated.

In short the ACF Website has taken on 2 new members.
Clayton Nash to handle tournaments
and Corey Modich to handle recent information

Any tournament announcement/result should be sent to
And any news or information that you don't see and would like to see should be sent to

With these 2 on board I plan on adding new features and fixing old ones.
Sometime in the near future a Bulletin Board will be back on this site with features that other sites don't have.
A new look for the website may be coming as well.
The games viewer will get more games and get a better interface. The ability to search games will be coming to.
If you hadn't noticed, I recently added the results from the past 2 months on the front page (scroll down a little and look to your right).
More things like this should be on the horizon.
Also note that the ratings have been updated through the Nationals

Thank you for your patience.

Jason Solan
ACF Webmaster