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Volunteer(s) Needed

The ACF Website needs your help. I am looking for a person or persons willing to take on the responsibility of keeping the website up to date with current information. I myself admit to not keeping up with information as it passes around.

I am looking for a volunteer to check to make sure tournament announcements/results are posted, the roster of champions is current, any new information about checkers is posted on this page, etc.

Very little technical skill is required. If you can write an email you can do this job. I will train you and be around for any help as well as take care of all the technical side of the Webmaster position. I feel it's not fair to the public if I can't keep the information current.

If you are interested please email mail me and tell me a little bit about yourself, as I need to be sure you are trustworthy.

Email the Webmaster

Jason Solan
ACF Webmaster