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ACF Election Results

Hello ACF Members:nnI was gone last week to Anderson,S.C. for the 2nd. week of the WCM between Mr. Alex and Mr. King. Got back late last night and found an email from Mr. Tim Laverty and his committee on election results.nnPresident: Alan Millhonenn1st. Vice President : Dr. John Websternn2nd. Vice President: Mr. Leon CreeknnSecretary: Mr. Mac BanksnnTreasurer: Mr. Don BrattinnnDistrict Managers:nnFirst: Mr. Frank FreemannSecond: Mr. Francesco LaRoccanThird: Mr. Anthony KozenskinFourth: Mr. Larry MichaelnFifth: Mr. Frank Davis 1 voten Mr. Dallas Ramsey 1 voten Mr. Don Brattin 1 voten Mr. Byron Woolum 1 voten Mr. Larry Pollard 1 voten Mr. Clayton Nash 1 votennThis six way tie will have to be decided by some type of 'run-off' type election if all listed are interested in serving the 5th. District. I will email my new Executive Committee over this week-end and see what they recommend.nnSixth: Mr. Roger BlainenSeventh: Mr. Gary HinermannEighth: Mr. Steve GrahamnNinth: Mr. John GibsonnnRespectfully Submitted:nMr. Tim Laverty

Sincerely: Alan Millhone, President, American Checker Federation " LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND"

Submitted by :Alan Millhone